White Robotic

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Green Robotic

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Services Website

services.g2bproductions.com is a dedicated website I put together to just list the general services I offer.  Since I switched my main website to a more po

However since I still do work on my own as well I needed something that would just promote those my services, hence the name services.g2bproductions.com. I built this using wordpress and a custom theme that I modified the original design a bit and did a bit of reworking in the php code to get the videos and images  to display how I wanted them too. Eventually I should put the two ideas togeather but for now I think this suffice.rtfolio based website I have been told that it doesn’t really state what I do to the average person. Which understandably it doesn’t since it was geared more toward showing my work off for specific positions I apply to. 

Check it out and tell  me what you think.


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Chelsea Piers Photos

I went by chelsea piers the other day, which I haven’t been to in years and I took these two panoramic pictures off one pier.


Also on my Mojux you can find some other interesting photos I took on the highline that day.

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Steal like an Artist quotes on Mojux

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Cat At The Bus Stop on Mojux

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Blueprint Build Collection

A collection of shots I worked on at Garbanzo Grafix.
Art Direction & Design – Garbanzo Grafix
Modeling, Animation, Dynamics – Greg R Burrus

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Bearmageddon Animation Notes

If you don’t know about Bearmageddon you should because its an awesome webcomic by Ethan Nicolle. If the title doesn’t give it away it’s about Bears taking over and ripping people apart. I found out about this comic through Ratfist, which is another awesome webcomic.

I deiced to do this for couple of reason, the first is I really like webcomics or comics in general and the ones that I find are the best visually are really dynamic and have a lot of motion on each page. I’ve had on my list to animate a webcomic for a while now but still have not really done it yet to where I really like it. (I did a commercial spot for I Kill Giants)

When I saw that Ethan was taking a break I though I should do something to show how great the comic. I also saw that other people where posing other cool images about the comic and thought I could make something too.

Originally I was going to animate the last few pages from where the bears start chasing the van, but realized this would take a lot more work then I had the time for. So after some quick brainstorming I came up with the idea to animate the sites banner image which is also in desktop format.

I planned to do a 3D camera project of the image on to some rough geometry to give it a more believable feel then some of my other animations. I still had to cut our the whole image into parts and map them onto geometry and make sure it looked ok. My first tests where good with my original camera moves but I change the move a bit at the end and you can see some repetition where I didn’t think anyone would see.

I did some final composting in After Effects to try and give it a more movie feel. I also added a whole host of sounds effects that I mixed together to try and help enhance the already amazing visuals. I paid a bit more attention to it this time trying to create a good mix of sound with in the piece that didn’t just become mush when you listened to it. Tried to give it a real stereo sounding feel to it so if you listen with only one headphone you wont get the full sound.

I think this is one of my better 2D image to animation pieces but still has bunch of things that could be worked on. This was supposed to be just a weekend project but it wound up taking a few days more but the result is better because of it. So here you go my a 3D camera project animation of the Bearmageddon banner/desktop image.

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Bearmageddon Banner Animation

This is a 3D camera projection animation I did using the banner/desktop image for the webcomic Bearmageddon. http://bearmageddon.com/

I will be posting some notes soon on my process.

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Reel Update 2011

Updated my with some more recent projects and swapped out some of my weaker projects. Currently working on another personal project to replace my least favorite project still in my reel. Then I think I will do a completely new reel with a new opening, closing and music.

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