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Sculptris Attempt

Just trying out Sculptris adding some eyes and wing to Mr. Humpty base mesh.

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White Robotic

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Green Robotic

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3D Tea Box + Notes

A friend of mine, Keshna, from college ask if I could help her with 3d project she wanted do. She is an industrial designer and has a tea box product that she designed and has actually built a real life mock up of it. What she ask me I if I could make quick 3d mock up of her tea box with her graphics in a simple environmental.

I asked for the images she took of her mock up and her designs for the box graphic and began to model it. I started with just sketching the basic shape of the side of the box to get a better understanding of the curves. My first couple of attempts in 3d where using splines in combination with the extruding & lofting.


These looked like they would work but both ways produced faces that didn’t smooth well and showed up in the render.What I went with was a simple box primitive with a set amount of segments and using a FFD modifier or a lattice I shaped it based on the splines I created before.

This allowed me to get the exact shape I wanted and not have any weird lines or faces show up. After that it was just a matter of getting the textures to show up which was straight forward except for the parts that needed to wrap around the edges and stay flat.


To she more of Keshna’s work check out her website at

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3D Mecha NutCracker


This is a 3D Model I made based off of kidchuckle’s  Mecha Nut Cracker X-mas Card.  My model is a little bit different from the original illustration since I couldn’t figure out how some parts would work together and still allow it to move. And since my end goal it to Rig it and animate it I had to keep that in mind.

The model took me quite a while working on it off and on. Getting the bump texture took quite a while to get it right. Originally I was going to go with a brushed metal effect, but it didn’t quite look right so I found this diamond bumpy texture and it worked out a lot better.  The rest of the model was composed using extruded splines that I made based of the design in side profile & primitives. The cuts I made I made with Booles or just two parts off a primitive or extruded spline.

I still see some errors that could be worked on & there are probably some things I missed but I wanted to get to the next step and make it shoot stuff and drill into something.


Also the other day I posted another model I made based off a vector design from Go Media vector pack on my Deviant Art page.





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Coveleski IKG Hammer


I thought the Hammer from I Kill Giants was pretty cool so I wanted to see how it would look translated into 3D. I although that I may do some projection mapping on to it for my IKG spot to have some fake rotation on it.

I the modeling of it was pretty straight forward, it’s all composed of primitive object with booles to cut away certain parts. I wasn’t to sure of the color since the comic is black and white so I went for the shiny reflective feel.

The hardest part was the chain, in the comics it’s just a mass of lines that look like a chain but is more just a black shape. I made the chain links and put it helix with the cloner, I believe the duplicate on spline would off set 90 degrees perfectly but the cloner gave me more flexibility. I found that the sync option allow the random effector for almost near perfect equal rotation on each item.

The chain kills the render time, not to bad overall(5 mins) but it does push my computer near the magical number of 90 degrees Celsius for instant shut down(at least if I try to do other stuff while rendering).

I think as far as modeling this hammer it’s pretty much done for what I need and more. I’ll probably tweak it a bit and post on my DA page and here when it’s finished as an extra post/

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