Reel Update 2011

Updated my with some more recent projects and swapped out some of my weaker projects. Currently working on another personal project to replace my least favorite project still in my reel. Then I think I will do a completely new reel with a new opening, closing and music.

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Central Park

View image on MoJux for full screen viewing

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Exoteric Mograph Notes

Two weeks ago now I did an every day of the week typography exercise using definitions of words to try and create a type treatment for them. One of my favorites was exoteric and I deiced I would try and do a full 3d or 2d design with it. I choose to do a 3d design and in addition added some simple animation to it.

I planed out the animation using my base type design and just thinking how the type would animate together in a logical way. The random pointy and circle objects that go through the top and out the bottom as pyramids, squares, and spheres I developed because part of the definition of the word is simple. So my idea was to have items transition from complex to simple it also gave me an excuse to play with thinking particles and Xpresso.


A few things I noticed is my timing for the E to pop out could be more spaced out to give it more of an impact entrance. I also could have given more X-ray time to see the objects transition in the middle. Lastly this font Null Free isn’t great for 3d text at angle but still looks cool anyway I think.

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Exoteric 3D Type Animation


3D Type animation personal project. I will be posting some notes on this project in a few days.

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Word of the Day Typography Define

Last week I deiced to try my hand at another week long design project using words from the word of the day from to create a simple type design. This is similar to my design define series I did a while ago on my 365 project.

I used fonts that I either had on my computer or browsed the internet quickly to find that went with the definition. I used adobe Illustrator to setup the type and create any additional elements I might need. My favorites are Exocentric and Vilipend which are also the ones I had the most time to work with. Mammonism I found quite hard to work with and with Tramontane I had a few good sketched designs put didn’t quite have enough time to make them look good enough to show.


I think I’m going to use one of my designs for exocentric and do a full design with it in either 2D or 3D.


  1. exoteric: suitable for or communicated to the general public.
  2. cordate: heart-shaped.
  3. vilipend: to regard or treat as of little value or account.
  4. mammonism: the greedy pursuit of riches.
  5. tramontane: being or situated beyond the mountains.
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3D Tea Box + Notes

A friend of mine, Keshna, from college ask if I could help her with 3d project she wanted do. She is an industrial designer and has a tea box product that she designed and has actually built a real life mock up of it. What she ask me I if I could make quick 3d mock up of her tea box with her graphics in a simple environmental.

I asked for the images she took of her mock up and her designs for the box graphic and began to model it. I started with just sketching the basic shape of the side of the box to get a better understanding of the curves. My first couple of attempts in 3d where using splines in combination with the extruding & lofting.


These looked like they would work but both ways produced faces that didn’t smooth well and showed up in the render.What I went with was a simple box primitive with a set amount of segments and using a FFD modifier or a lattice I shaped it based on the splines I created before.

This allowed me to get the exact shape I wanted and not have any weird lines or faces show up. After that it was just a matter of getting the textures to show up which was straight forward except for the parts that needed to wrap around the edges and stay flat.


To she more of Keshna’s work check out her website at

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Jux Animation Notes



I have been using the newish blogging system called Jux. It a simple platform that lets you publish content a number of ways but focuses on your content in a full screen way no ads way. Initially I didn’t want to start using a new system but It looked to cool not to try out at least once. After using it for a bit I found I really liked how it displayed my photos and videos and have continued to post there every once in a while.


After looking around the site’s blog and others Juxxers I deiced to make a quick animation about the platform use their post’s, “Top 6 Reasons to Jux” as inspiration. I entitled my animation 6 Ways to Jux and choose to make it 15 seconds long.


I did a mini storyboard and after collecting some assets I proceed with the design, first using some vector logos that Jux provided. Then I browsed other Jux blogs via SURF JUX to find images that I would used for each section. After that I went started to animate and work our the final composite.


My last remarks are that the mp4 versions have a lot of banding due to the compression process. The uncompressed looks fine so it seems I will have to play with the conversion process and re-upload to get ride of the banding. Also in retrospec, I would have made more of a distinction in the orange and yellow or possibly placed them differently.


G=out and Firefox & The creative adult is the child who survived’ & Here, take it. & Back to my Lego – Just another Pokemon Battle – Places I’ve Dreamt About

Union Ident –

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6 Ways To Jux Animation

A short animation showing the ways you can post on Jux. – my jux blog
All pictures and videos featured where posted by other juxers.  More info on this project on this blog soon

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Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise Part 1 Review

Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Promise Part 1Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise Part 1 by Gene Luen Yang

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked the book based on how I can see events developing into the new avatar series. If you have been keeping up with the fan fare about Korra you will easily be able to see how the new world evolved into what it is from where the last series ended and the new one picks up off from. That being said I’m still interested to seeing how things develop to be what they are especially after the cliff-hanger at the end of the book. The book is short “really short” and quite easy to read, probably due to it’s intended age market but most fans will still want to read it any way I think. That is if they where able to resist reading the leaked pages a while ago.

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NYC Video Shoot Old Style Cars

I posted on my Jux a few photos I took while wandering around the city one morning near Gramercy Park and stumbled into a video shoot.  Not sure what sort of production it was for but it was a pretty big production. They shut down one block where the picture I took of the cars and there where trailers for blocks all around the area.

Check out the gallery

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