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New Orleans Super Bowl 2013

This year I had the chance to go to New Orleans for the Super Bowl for work. Although I spent most of my time working I was able to take a few picture while I was there. I had a pretty good experience overall and definitely would travel there again given the chance for work or for fun.

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NYC Comic Con

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Chelsea Piers Photos

I went by chelsea piers the other day, which I haven’t been to in years and I took these two panoramic pictures off one pier.


Also on my Mojux you can find some other interesting photos I took on the highline that day.

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NYC Video Shoot Old Style Cars

I posted on my Jux a few photos I took while wandering around the city one morning near Gramercy Park and stumbled into a video shoot.  Not sure what sort of production it was for but it was a pretty big production. They shut down one block where the picture I took of the cars and there where trailers for blocks all around the area.

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High Line Park Photos

A few photo’s I took when I went to the high line in nyc with some friends.  I really liked some of the architecture on some of the buildings.

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Yesterday I went to my town’s celebration day where they have a bunch of shops off the main street, bunch of games for the kids, music and sell food. I took a quick panoramic shot that you can see below.

While I was there I came across a cool vintage truck across the main avenue parked in front of kitchen ware store.  This is a fully restored 1967 Citroen Truckette that is used to deliver the products LE CREUSET and an assortment of other supplies for 50+ years.


I think the color is what made me notice it initially with its bright orange color that stood out especially since it was kind of a dreary day. After that I really liked just the vintage style of the design of the truck and it’s compactness of design overall. As it states in the info booklet about the truck the design with the purpose to fit tight streets and alleys of cities and navigate the switchbacks of the countryside.  The booklet is nicely designed as well and fits the style of the truck with its half tone patterns giving it a vintage feel as well.


You can find out more about their products at


Also as an added share about cars and Art/Design you can check out the Great cars are Art TED Talk by Chris Bangle.

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