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New Blog + AE Flame

As you might have noticed I have changed the theme for this blog and my portfolio website.  Both of them have the same theme  SimpleFolio by SmashingMagazine and Slimmity.

As you can probably tell from the screen shot I did quite a bit of modifications of the overall theme. I designed the base of the layout in Photoshop then re-did the design to my liking. I think my favorite part is the texture for the background. I really liked the one in my old theme so I found one and added it to the background for this one.  I’m sure it slows down my site a bit since it’s a somewhat big image but my site is a bunch of images and videos any way.

I also did some modification of the actual html pages of the site as well. The original theme displays the long image on the home page and in the portfolio items as well. Since my portfolio items already have a big image to display the video or design I thought this was redundant. I did some other minor ones while figuring out the theme but I wound up not need to use most of them.

As for the future I’m not sure I like the home image slider. I may change it up with another slider where I have more control. I have looked at slide deck since I like how it works and the ability to play video with in it although I’ll have to see how it looks in my actual layout. The only other thing that bugs me is using this layout on this site for my blog. Originally I wasn’t going to use it here but it made sense to have both of them connected i thought I should have them look similar.  I may change this layout up a bit so it’s not exactly the same.

In other news I made a quick little animation using AE Flame an old plugin recently made for cs4/5 of after effects. It is a beta so it is a bit buggy but after a bit of playing around I figured out what not to hit for it to crash. You can check out what I made below. You could make some really cool fractals with this.  There also is tut for this which I completely missed in the ae script page. Now the question is how to use this in a project? Backgrounds, lowerthirds,  title sequences, hmm.



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Wells Fargo + Wachovia

For this post I wanted to talk a bit about something that has been in my head for a while. When two companies merge or one takes over the other what happens to their brand? I would think this would be a big issue, as to whose brand do you stick with if it is a true equal merger. Now I suspect that it might never be truly equal and the bigger company brand stays intact while the little one withers away but how do you make that transition over.

What sparked this idea is this image where the Wells Fargo, in my town, sign just replaces the Wachovia one with all the blue window panes around it. This just stood out to me at how much the colors seemed to clash with each other and not in a good way. This being said I know that it is very expensive to replace glass, especially coloured ones but shouldn’t there be a way to make a transition with out something like this happening.

I think there should be a way although I admit I’m not 100% sure what that would be. I like how on the Wells Fargo – Wachovia  FAQ site they use a lighter blue that works well with the red and yellow. I wonder if it would be practical to do something on real signs to tone the colors down a bit so they don’t fight each other as much. I’m sure there are set rules for the branding practices but it could be something that is changed out. The also might try something in black and white and see how that might work out for a bit.

I have no idea about the real practical applications of this or if you might have company representatives saying it’s bad for their company brand. It’s just a thought I had for a while that I thought I would share.


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Cool Golf Mini Prev + Legend of Korra

So apparently I made  the mistake of rendering my cool golf animation at my preview render instead of my full render so I have a mini preview for now until I render the full thing.

Any avatar fan will probably have good guess about what this is. It’s a image from the upcoming series Legend of Korra the follow-up of Avatar the Last Airbender. Other than one other image of Korra’s back this is the first time any one has seen her up close that I know of.  It’s a pretty epic picture showing her already using fire with her natural element of water.

For Avatar fans this is highly anticipated show which makes this new image sweet yet sour since it seems now that the show won’t air until 2012 instead of late 2011, November.  So fans will have to wait a little longer for this to come out. One can only hope that I will be as good as first series with anticipation so high who know what might happen if it’s not as good or better than Avatar The Last Airbender.


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After Effects For the IPhone

Since tonight is a render night and I retracted my post from the day before I though I would still write about an interesting picture that has been going around twitter. I found out about by a retweet from @beerad.

This is an interface for After Effects for an IPhone 4. I have no idea if this is real or not but regardless would you want to use this? I think I would try if it I could although as it stand the interface is obviously not usable. I know there are editing apps out their for Iphone and other smart phone devices but the ones I’ve seen are designed to work in a small area where this is obviously not.

I have tried an animating one for my android and it was hard to use and not really intuitive.  It would be neat to work on stuff on a mobile devices though such as an Ipad or another tablet but I doubt the touch interface would lend its self to programs like this well.

I wonder if their will be a day when programs that are only made for desktop/laptop computers will be made and usable on small screens and would anyone use them?


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Vote for me – more shameless self promotion

This is just a quick post to add to yet another place where I’ve posted to vote for me. I suppose if I did it every where else I should do it on my own site so here it goes.

Vote for me in the the AETuts+ Photoshop contest #19

You can also vote for another one. I did (including myself) since some of them are really cool.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!…

This blog is for my daily work that I have been doing on my and so that I actually post more of my process for future reference. I also might post things I find cool on the web, we will see. I also may back date some of my 365 stuff that I like the most but I will post it all, good, soso, and bad from now on.

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