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August Work Update Modeling

It seems I have gone a long period of time with out a real update to the site . I have been working on a number of personal projects one which was a little over ambitions with the time I have but it was fun to work on. I’ll probably keep working on it to complete at least part of it and post it here in a while.

In addition to that project I have been getting into modeling a bit again as which is partly fueled by the new release C4D 14 which has some awesome new sculpting tools and a suggestion for a co-worker about sculptris, a free model sculpting tool. My post a while ago was me attempting to use it.  It fun to use it like digital clay but just like using real clay (or doing any specialty skill) takes a lot of practice to get good result.




Another modeling project I started working on was this simple bison whistle from avatar the last air bender. My original goal was to use sculptris to make it but I couldn’t quite get the detail and control I wanted so I went with C4D to model it.

 Some where during the process of modeling it I got the idea to attempt to 3D print it. So remembering I signed up and started to work on my model with the idea of printing it. Which I quickly learned is a lot different then just making something look good. I had an issue with center meters and millimeters scaling right in their system so I went with inches. Also extruding it to give it thickness altered it a bit which I’ll have to fix at a later date.

 bison whistle

After about 50 or so uploads after figuring out their system I final got one up their that I like enough to have printed. So I had two version printed a Full Color Sandstone  version & White Strong & Flexible version. So assuming it doesn’t fall apart in production I should have an avatar bison whistle. I will be sure to upload some pictures when once I have it.

I’m also working on another avatar based project modeling various types of character from the show for a game in development that I should be able to show soon I think.



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Chelsea Piers Photos

I went by chelsea piers the other day, which I haven’t been to in years and I took these two panoramic pictures off one pier.


Also on my Mojux you can find some other interesting photos I took on the highline that day.

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Word of the Day Typography Define

Last week I deiced to try my hand at another week long design project using words from the word of the day from to create a simple type design. This is similar to my design define series I did a while ago on my 365 project.

I used fonts that I either had on my computer or browsed the internet quickly to find that went with the definition. I used adobe Illustrator to setup the type and create any additional elements I might need. My favorites are Exocentric and Vilipend which are also the ones I had the most time to work with. Mammonism I found quite hard to work with and with Tramontane I had a few good sketched designs put didn’t quite have enough time to make them look good enough to show.


I think I’m going to use one of my designs for exocentric and do a full design with it in either 2D or 3D.


  1. exoteric: suitable for or communicated to the general public.
  2. cordate: heart-shaped.
  3. vilipend: to regard or treat as of little value or account.
  4. mammonism: the greedy pursuit of riches.
  5. tramontane: being or situated beyond the mountains.
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Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise Part 1 Review

Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Promise Part 1Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise Part 1 by Gene Luen Yang

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked the book based on how I can see events developing into the new avatar series. If you have been keeping up with the fan fare about Korra you will easily be able to see how the new world evolved into what it is from where the last series ended and the new one picks up off from. That being said I’m still interested to seeing how things develop to be what they are especially after the cliff-hanger at the end of the book. The book is short “really short” and quite easy to read, probably due to it’s intended age market but most fans will still want to read it any way I think. That is if they where able to resist reading the leaked pages a while ago.

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NYC Video Shoot Old Style Cars

I posted on my Jux a few photos I took while wandering around the city one morning near Gramercy Park and stumbled into a video shoot.  Not sure what sort of production it was for but it was a pretty big production. They shut down one block where the picture I took of the cars and there where trailers for blocks all around the area.

Check out the gallery

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High Line Park Photos

A few photo’s I took when I went to the high line in nyc with some friends.  I really liked some of the architecture on some of the buildings.

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1Q84 Book Review

1Q841Q84 by Haruki Murakami

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Murakami does a great job of bringing you into the story. He seems to really go in to the background of the character and their motivations for what they are doing. I liked how each chapter focused around a character and how their stories would periodically get closer to each other until the end when they are finally together. I really liked this story overall and found it quite easy to believe in this world. I definitely started looking at the moon more closely while I was reading the story.

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Yesterday I went to my town’s celebration day where they have a bunch of shops off the main street, bunch of games for the kids, music and sell food. I took a quick panoramic shot that you can see below.

While I was there I came across a cool vintage truck across the main avenue parked in front of kitchen ware store.  This is a fully restored 1967 Citroen Truckette that is used to deliver the products LE CREUSET and an assortment of other supplies for 50+ years.


I think the color is what made me notice it initially with its bright orange color that stood out especially since it was kind of a dreary day. After that I really liked just the vintage style of the design of the truck and it’s compactness of design overall. As it states in the info booklet about the truck the design with the purpose to fit tight streets and alleys of cities and navigate the switchbacks of the countryside.  The booklet is nicely designed as well and fits the style of the truck with its half tone patterns giving it a vintage feel as well.


You can find out more about their products at


Also as an added share about cars and Art/Design you can check out the Great cars are Art TED Talk by Chris Bangle.

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Designers.MX Animation and Playlist

Today I’m sharing my work in progress for my animation & my playlist of my favorite songs(so far) that I have added to my grooveshark music.  I found out about  Designers.MX from Colin Oakes via twitter & since then I have listened to it a lot. Its a site where you can listen to music mixes by really good designers who also design a cover for their mixes as well.


I have gone through probably 75% of all of them and I can’t think of one where I didn’t like listening to it even if the music was different from what I normally listen too. Below you will fin a playlist widget I setup through grooveshark where you can listen to my favorite songs so far. This will update automatically as I find new songs I like.


Since I have listened to music so much on I thought I should make an animation about it. Below is my early work in progress for the animation. My goal is to use the covers have them fly though space and eventually run into the triangle part of the logo.

I have an outline of what I want to happen with a pseudo storyboard, I’m just going though it and figuring out how to do what I have planned out. Animations still really rough right now but my idea comes across some what.


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Lower Third Project

This past week or so I have worked on a project file that I plan to put up on videohive to sell. It’s garbage truck lower third to be used in any video. You can see a early work in progress I did on my 365. I also made a standalone render of just the truck.

I have most of the functionality of the third setup and ready to got.  I have about 16 total that allow you to control everything without needing to go look for each item in the comps. You can even change the color of the rear compactor.  Now I just need to render the final truck and put all together and make the files so that I can submit it.



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