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jungle1001 Jungle Character Final

This is my final animation for the Jungle alien character that I started yesterday. I was able to add some more movement in the head and jingles on the want below the orb. The new glow effects I added kind of hide that but I think it adds a good amount to it to bring the animation together. There still a bit that I notice I could work on but it will never end and I need to move on to some other project that I have in my folder to do.

I think this might be one of my favorite animations for my 365 project so far. It simple but looks nice and flows pretty well.

Also it seems that the shadowbox that plays the video does not adjust for smaller screen sizes. So it may look odd if you don’t have a decent resolution monitor and the browser is maximized.



The character is from

The background is also stock from

The audio is  from a magazine

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jungle1001 Jungle Character

This is an animation I put togeather in after effects from a stock charcter from There are about 28 vector characters(although only half or so could be open)  on the site, so I downloaded them all and choose one to animate. I like using vector characters to animate because their usally easy, more or less, to pull apart and separate to animate each part. This one was fairly easy although I need to fix the arm.

I haven’t done any charter animations in a while so I thought this would be fun to do again since thats pretty much how I learned to animate in school. Although many find it tedious, and it can be,  I find it fun to think about how to animate the charter as a whole and each part it individual. This one still needs some work. I plan to add some second day motion to some parts as well as adjust the legs and the floating a bit. Also I need better beam and flash  sfx. Also it seems I forgot to add motion blur to some parts

The background is also stock from

and the audio is as well from a magazine which I don’t remember.

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GSG 5SP Reverse

This is my submission to greyscalegorillas 5 Second Project —- >​blog/​2011/​01/​five-second-project-reverse/​ . I did some color correction on the renders as well as some overall lighning additions. The colors still seem off to me depending on how I look at, especially when it flips so the orange tentacles are on the orange backdrop. It also might just be me second monitor which I have realized again is off when it comes to some colors…

I made this by using the sound effector in C4D v12, which seems to add sound differently than 11.5, which was making sure some item not null had a key frame to add a sound track.  My goal for this was to use sound effector and I learned about using espcially about adding other effector to it as well and how they work with each other.

On a side note I think that youtube did a better job at converting the video then vimeo so I posted the you tube one instead. I didn’t do it at HD res, just Standard Definition widescreen so well just assume thats the reason why..

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Abstract Sound V2

Well this is what I came up with for my daily today and what might be my submission for GSG 5 Second project. Mess around a bit more with sound effector and place in the room adding some bounce to the whole object and using my circle camera rig from a expresso task homework I put together an animation. Had some issue with the lighting and the texture blowing up, which was easily fixed but the feeling is still off. I will have to work on that in AE.

Not 100% sure if I will submit this. It’s ok but I feel like it’s missing a lot. But I need to have it at least ready and shippable buy tomorrow morning. So rendered it will be.

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Abstract Sound

This is my test for implementing sound in cinema 4D and trying to create an abstract shape. The animation is supposed to be for Greyscalegorillas 5 Second project. My goals are to make something abstract and use the sound effector. It took me a while to get rid of some of the jerkness that is in the song using some delay effectors but still needs a lot of work.

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Tribute Animation Keith Haring Room V2

So this is my 3D room I’m working on for the RIT Unity House Tribute Animation. My Idea is to have the camera go throght to room and focus on the items in it to give it some sense of hierarchy.  I’m thinking of giving the items some animation life but not sure how I want to do it yet. I’m also thinking of adding some other items to give it a more 80’s feel but I don’t want them to seem to out of place.  This is what I plan to to show my friend who is the vp of the house an setting it up and see if they like the direction.

Originally it was a more flat design but they suggested using Keith haring design. Which while cool is way to busy for a flat design, the way I wanted to use it so I went with a room loosely based of his room/museum he painted. I feel like this may be a cop out since is a style used a lot, although I can’t think of a direct reference… but I know it is. Lets hope my friend likes it.

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Unity House Tribute

This is an animation I’m working on for the RIT Unity House Tribute Opening. Influence and Background image from keith haring. I hope they like the direction I’m going in since it’s a lot different then what I had before.
Still need a lot work

***Self Eval**
Room lighting improvement
background pixelated needs fixing
fix u house poster with logo
make bot posters bigger
make alternative for presents type appearance
boom box…why?
room corners to dark…..
**eval over**

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