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Tractor Toy Expresso

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This is my expresso right I made for a toy tractor. I made this to to give away a xpresso rig I made for my trek bot animation. I decided not to give away that setup and instead made an even more in depth espresso rig base of a model from turbosquid. I think I was having withdrawl from not having another expresso task from so I made my own expresso task… I wanted to create a child like atmosphere for this since it is a toy truck. Thats where the floor idea came from although I noticed after rendering some of the floor pieces didn’t align perfectly.

***DeviantArt Post Submission****

This is Toy Tractor Xpresso Rig for Cinema 4D. It is an as is release. You are free to do whatever you like to it. Please post a comment or fav what you do with it so I can so I can check it out. This setup is not un breakable but should work for most purposes and you can always just undo or import a new version.

Check out the video here—- [link]
Composited In After Effects

What can it do?

Front wheel turn. Truck rotation left and right based on the back or front. Truck rotation up and don based on the back or front. Automatic wheel rotation based on x axis movement or spline movement. Manual control as well. Spline control for movement and up and down movement for when on spline as well.

What can’t it do.

Walk the dog…and some rotations on spline mode will make it go all crazy.


Model from – [link]
Robert Ledger of [link] for awesome Expresso task and inspiration
Music – The Color of All Colors by Gurdonark [link]

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ToyTractor Ani Preview -Xpresso Rig

This is animation still of an animation I’m working on. I planned for it to be rendered today but not dice to big to long. So its a preview today. The tractor model is from turbosquid —>[link]

But wait there more… this is not just going to be an animation but a c4d resource as well. The tractor toy is setup via expresoo for a bunch of cool stuff to do. What stuff you ask?

Well there is automatic wheel rotation, not key framing for spinning wheels(theres a manual switch if you want it thou). Wheel direction flip for when the wheel seems to spin wrong dues to optical illusion.

There is also of course wheel turning left and right for the front wheels.And of course there left and right turning of the whole tractor. You can also rotate the whole tractor up and down for the the front and back if you need to bounce over stuff.

But what if your to lazy to key frame the movement…well there a spline setup too. Just make you path and add to the slot and you can move it around that way as well( be fore warned rotating(to the max extreme) the truck in this mode can break it). You can also move it up and down even if its on the path.

***end random salesmen like pitch*****

I will be posting it soon.

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