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Golden Couch Logo Animation

Recently I have begin to watch a lot of video on YouTube center around the game call of duty. These video seem be done just for fun or contests and deal with synching up music with video game play. I never really plaid the game but many of the videos are nicely edited and time with music and some even have vfx’s added as well.

I was contacted by one of these people to do an opening animation for their channel After receiving the initial brief and doing some research on the channel finding out that it’s main focus is video games and call of duty I designed some initial Style/Storyboards.



The client picked the the third version which was the on I like the best. They had a few remarks on the design so I revised the design and create three options and they picked the second version .

Then I proceed to turn the design into an animation. I wanted to try something different on this project and instead of using my standard 3d package cinema 4D I tried a go at using Photoshop 3d animation.


This not something I would do again since it move very slowing in aftereffects and in order to get to the full quality I had to do a bunch of work around other wise it would have been unrenderable on my machine. Having just the simple extruded text with full ray tracing took a bit to render in photoshop and once in After Effect was too slow to do anything. Even so I still had to render some parts out first then render the rest as a whole. The final animation was renderd at 1080p HD.



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UHouse Tribute Opening Final

This my final version for the Unity House Tribute Opening 2011. Overall I like the whole animation. Some parts could use some more tweaking but I think it works well. I added some color with some curves to the whole scene since straight back and white looked odd to me.

The hardest part of this was trying to get the wall texture to look right. The real Keith haring room/museum/store, that he painted was seamless with everything connecting to each other.  I tried different projections but none really worked. Some would just work for one cornet and not the other. And moving the texture just seemed off. I thought of making a repeating textures but it didn’t quite work with the different characters. I opted to just go with flat and adjusted it a bit.

I think solution would be to make a separate texture for each side of the room and have it aligned up photoshop. That would be a bit more time consuming, which I didn’t have time for. I also noticed once it was full rendered that the texture look pixelated up close which sucks since I did vectorize it. I guess I just didn’t output a large enough copy for the texture.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it before but the song is the begining of Pon De Floor by Major Lazer

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Unity House Tribute

This is an animation I’m working on for the RIT Unity House Tribute Opening. Influence and Background image from keith haring. I hope they like the direction I’m going in since it’s a lot different then what I had before.
Still need a lot work

***Self Eval**
Room lighting improvement
background pixelated needs fixing
fix u house poster with logo
make bot posters bigger
make alternative for presents type appearance
boom box…why?
room corners to dark…..
**eval over**

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