This blog is a blog for all the stuff that I (Greg  R. Burrus) won’t post on my main portfolio web page g2bproductions.com.  This blog will cover my 365 project and other personal stuff that may not turn out to be anything useful or good but fun to do nonetheless. It also will house some other stuff I think is cool and what not.

What’s with the name? Well it was some random name I though of for a motion graphics monster face. MoGra the Motion Graphics Monster. I made an image on my 365 with the idea I had. Didn’t turn out to well but I decided to use it for the name of this blog. Also according to wikipedia it may refer to some of the following—-

  • Mogra (also spelt Magra), a town, police station and community development block in Hooghly district in West Bengal, India. It is very popular and is visited by 50 000 people each month
  • Mogra Badshahpur, a city and a municipal board in Jaunpur district in Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • Jasminum sambac, a flower, commonly known as Mogra in North India
  • Ibrahim Mogra, an imam from Leicester and Chair of the Interfaith Relations Committee of the Muslim Council of Britain

hmmm, interesting…

–Greg out