EUPC Capital Campaign Logo Animation

A while ago now I was approached by my church if I wanted to assist in developing a logo for a campaign they where putting on for the church. After getting some background information about the project I agreed to help with another designer, Crystal. After creating our initial designs and revisions for the logo the group decided to use of my logos after we present our design to the other team members.

I was then asked if I could create an animation that could be displayed during church to present the logo to the congregation. I did a quick brain storm of ideas in my note book and quick outline and I began animating the logo. For the bird and the hand I wanted them to have a fluid natural feel but remaining flat and clean looking so I decided to find some real footage of a bird and a hand unfolding to get the feel right for the motion and then expanded on it a bit. The whole animation took about 8 hours to complete most of it was tracing.

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