Jux Animation Notes



I have been using the newish blogging system called Jux. It a simple platform that lets you publish content a number of ways but focuses on your content in a full screen way no ads way. Initially I didn’t want to start using a new system but It looked to cool not to try out at least once. After using it for a bit I found I really liked how it displayed my photos and videos and have continued to post there every once in a while.


After looking around the site’s blog and others Juxxers I deiced to make a quick animation about the platform use their post’s, “Top 6 Reasons to Jux” as inspiration. I entitled my animation 6 Ways to Jux and choose to make it 15 seconds long.


I did a mini storyboard and after collecting some assets I proceed with the design, first using some vector logos that Jux provided. Then I browsed other Jux blogs via SURF JUX to find images that I would used for each section. After that I went started to animate and work our the final composite.


My last remarks are that the mp4 versions have a lot of banding due to the compression process. The uncompressed looks fine so it seems I will have to play with the conversion process and re-upload to get ride of the banding. Also in retrospec, I would have made more of a distinction in the orange and yellow or possibly placed them differently.



https://ct907.jux.com/Chrome and Firefox & The creative adult is the child who survived’ & Here, take it. & Back to my Lego

http://nuwin.ca/ – Just another Pokemon Battle

https://olaviakite.jux.com/ – Places I’ve Dreamt About

Union Ident – http://audiojungle.net/item/union-ident/674275

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