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This image is the first in a week series that I’m going to be doing this week. I’ve been following the word of the day from and I thought I would be a good idea to to use it to do the design a day thing that many people have been doing in the design world.

So my goal is to create a design in 1hr based on the definition of the word of the day. Then on the week end I will take all five days and make some animation out of it. The font’s i’m picking from either lists on ‘s type Tuesdays or on Using this plus 15 min time limit to limit my obsessive font search tendencies.


This word means the following items below, I choose to interpret the third.



Authorized; recognized; accepted.


Included in the canon of the Bible.


In mathematics, (of an equation, coordinate, etc.) in simplest or standard form.


In other news I created an animation inspired by that had an issue with some parts jumping randomly. I believe I found the culprit in my segmented rendering process based on this test that has no skipping anywhere. Just need to rerender and add the composite stuff I did before.


Lastly I created a quick edit of some of my 2d animation work. I did this a about a hour or so using premier to edit it all together without any crashes.


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