Designers MX Animation

If you haven’t checked out Designers.MX you should check it out. I made a previous post with some work in progress about the site so check it out for more info.

My goal with this animation was to create something that showed of the mix tape covers and in some way have them all fly int to main logo/title. In that sense I made what I wanted, however the look the I have ended with is not what I envisioned. I see many many things that I would change/fix but I needed to get this animation out of my computer so I can work on some other  stuff.

I made this in Cinema 4D using mograph for animating the mix tape covers. The mograph shader came in real handy for applying the mix covers.  The compositing I did in after effects. I wanted to try and emphasize the sound track and the music since the site is all about music so  I added the sound waves to the corners that actually go with the sound in either the left or right channel. The also get brighter/zoomy along with the whole scene when the beat kicks in.


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