Designers Couch Logo Animation

I have been on Designers Couch for a while now and after looking at the logo over and over I thought why not create an animation using their logo. Thus the idea for an animation was born.  (If you don’t know what designers couch is it is online art community similar to Deviant Art but invite only with high quality work.)

My idea for this animation was to have the logo appear, then the couch form, and then text roll out. Along the way I got the idea for the particles to form the logo with a little delay bounce. I also added bounce on the couch logo part but I should have pushed it more to make it more noticeable. The text is a simple animate in with some bounce back.

The tag line I wanted to do more than slide in since I did that already so I came up with the idea to use the underscore that is part of the text to reveal the tag line then animate back under the text to form the final logo with text. The background was the last thing I added. I felt that the flat red to black gradient was too plain so I added the flat DC logo I recreated and looped it behind.

So here is my end tag of sorts using the Designers Couch Logo.  Overall it’s ok but could be better. I also think now I should do one for DA as well considering how long I have been on that site.


The awesome Ident music is by Alkis from audio jungle.


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