Colors Magazine #80

Just about every time I go to New York usually find my way into a bookstore of some kind be it Barnes and Nobel, Borders, a comic book store or some other bookstore. This past Friday I went into Borders right above Penn. Station and decided to check out the magazines. Instead of checking out the art magazine first like I normally do I went down another aisle. After reading the How Stuff Works book, which is always fun to read, I came across a comic book magazine which seemed out of place since the comics where in the aisle before.   It was titled Superheroes so I thought it would be a cool read.

It was a cool read but not in these sense that it had people with super human abilities, although their determination to do what they can for the world might seem like it to some. They were just “regular” people from around the world doing what they can for other people. What made the stories even better is that their all true stories about real people.

While waiting in borders I read about 75% of the book before I left. At the end of each story there is a page or so that goes into more detail about the story. One of the stories drew upon it’s similarities with dual identities specifically with Spider Man. The person in this story by day was a simple barber that listened to people’s problems. However by night he was the hostess at night club that was able to get everyone in the club to donate money for a woman who came to him earlier who had lost everything in a fire. There are many stories like that dealing with other people selflessly helping others the best way they can.

I would recommend anyone to pick up a copy if you can or order it from their site if you want to see some great art and some great inspirational stories about real life super heroes.  There also is an iPad app as well.

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