3D Mecha NutCracker

This is a 3D Model I made based off of kidchuckle’s  Mecha Nut Cracker X-mas Card.  My model is a little bit different from the original illustration since I couldn’t figure out how some parts would work together and still allow it to move. And since my end goal it to Rig it and animate it I had to keep that in mind.

The model took me quite a while working on it off and on. Getting the bump texture took quite a while to get it right. Originally I was going to go with a brushed metal effect, but it didn’t quite look right so I found this diamond bumpy texture and it worked out a lot better.  The rest of the model was composed using extruded splines that I made based of the design in side profile & primitives. The cuts I made I made with Booles or just two parts off a primitive or extruded spline.

I still see some errors that could be worked on & there are probably some things I missed but I wanted to get to the next step and make it shoot stuff and drill into something.


Also the other day I posted another model I made based off a vector design from Go Media vector pack on my Deviant Art page.





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