Xpresso Task Test Droid

This is a quick render I put together to test my Animator for Robert legers Xpresso task. This one took me quite a while to get working, I had a complicated setup like most it seems before he gave the hint about just using a range mapper. Which helped  but I still had some trouble getting it to work even though I’ve used the range mapper even before I started these tasks.

So I watch some of his older tuts and it clicked that I was just using the wrong values to map every thing. My setup is fairly simple I think just takes a lot of repetition of connections to get it to work for the different values. I say in the Vimeo Xpresso group that other people where having some trouble as well. Some of the solutions seem somewhat complicated for my taste.

This scene was inspired by the android commercials with their mascot.

I will post my final file after I tweak it bit and maybe add some more controls.



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