No Auto Save In Photoshop

I didn’t really have a good title for today but since my comp over heated twice using Photoshop I decide to title this post a feature I wish it had. It seem working with Photoshop files that are 5000px+ by 5000px+ causes my comp to overheat…They where big scans.

Anyway I’ve been working on my I Kill Giants Spot that I should have finished in a few days. You can check out what I have so far on my 365 project. I have the beginning slow parts done, just have to do the giant fighting scenes.

I didn’t get to any animation today but I did make this image while I was working on breaking up the images. It didn’t fit the style I’m going for with the single frame images but I thought it was cool so I kept it. I took an extra 15 mins. to add some more stuff to it to make it look even cooler and below is what I came up with.

I used some water colour paper textures for the edges and some grunge paper over it all to try to bring it together.

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