After Effects For the IPhone

Since tonight is a render night and I retracted my post from the day before I though I would still write about an interesting picture that has been going around twitter. I found out about by a retweet from @beerad.

This is an interface for After Effects for an IPhone 4. I have no idea if this is real or not but regardless would you want to use this? I think I would try if it I could although as it stand the interface is obviously not usable. I know there are editing apps out their for Iphone and other smart phone devices but the ones I’ve seen are designed to work in a small area where this is obviously not.

I have tried an animating one for my android and it was hard to use and not really intuitive.  It would be neat to work on stuff on a mobile devices though such as an Ipad or another tablet but I doubt the touch interface would lend its self to programs like this well.

I wonder if their will be a day when programs that are only made for desktop/laptop computers will be made and usable on small screens and would anyone use them?


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