Woot Minions Wip

This is the beginning of my animation for the somewhat recent woot minions design. I saw this design when the sent out there newsletter about there become an minion(affiliate). I thought immediately, as I do with most designs that it could be animate nicely. The minion character is a nice vector design and the designs themselves make the character look pretty animated already so it looked like a good idea.

I took me about and hour or so to break the image apart into pieces that I though would be easy to extract and cool to animate. There is a lot of possibilities but I limited my self to what was easy to break up and could be done quickly. After that I brought it int to After Effects and adjust each main part in 3d space on various angles so when the camera move there would be some apparent depth and camera rotation.

I used vidoe0copilot.com sure target two for the camera movement. That made the camera animation very easy, so easy then it use to be . I was planning on rigging a null to a camera and some other stuff till I remember sure target.  Despite having all of VC’s plugins and presets I tend not to use them a lot or forget about until I need them for some reason…

I’m not exactly sure how long the whole animation will be. I would be nice to have a voice over, which would definitely push it towards a longer animation. Maybe I’ll check out DA for anyone who will do one for me, hopefully for free. Or if any one what to give it a try please do.

Obviously this needs more work, this will be my weekend project so it will have to be done this weekend(minus voice over possibly). Also this is done without permission or commission, so I hope there cool with this.

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