Woot Minions Extended

So today I decided to work on the woot minions again to try to re-time it for readability. This brought some what straight forward although I did have to go into some precomps a couple levels deep to move key frames. This brought the overall time to about 2 min. and 30 seconds or so.

I did a simple image transition using a gradient to animate the text in since it wasn’t editable text. This force me to set key frames for each line. I though about making an expression but there didn’t seem to be a consistent height to use for some reason. So I wound up just setting it for each set of text.

I think it’s kind of boring having to wait for the text to appear. I tried to time it out to what it should take to read leaving some room at the end. If I had the original files I think I would animate more to make it more interesting. Also a voice over might help too. The music helps some what, but I couldn’t find any as good as the short version. The song I choose from http://www.incompetech.com is cool for a while but gets repetitive after a while. I tried to loop the other song I used but it didn’t sound right.

This is the small version for now since the larger one will take a while to render. I will update it when it finishes…

Edit: apparently I forgot audio… so the next one will have the sound too…and better quality

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