Starwars Iconoscope Animation Wip

This is a work in progrss animation for my new weekend/early next week project. Its an animated version of Star Wars IV via Iconoscope. The original design that every linked to is down. Apparently Wayne Dorrington got the lifehacker effect or digg effect or name a big social link site+effect after it when viral and his site went down. But he has a new site, where you can find it. He has a bunch of other cool graphics as well.

I found out about it after the Kickawesomeshow (fun nonsense web, design, music, tech show) talk about it on there show. I thought it would be cool to animate.

I only have the first 10 lines extracted since I wanted to work on this one in parts, unlike the woot animation where I had every thing setup at one. My goal with this animation is basically to tell the story sequentially with some added movement, maybe one or two full animation movements per line.

This whole animation will be about pacing an timing so that it can be read or understood while not being to stale, which I think was an issue in my woot animation. I need to fix some things in this version already.

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