Starwars Iconoscope Animation Part 2

This is part 2 of the Starwars Iconoscope animation. It’s getting long, 3:11 right now and I’m on scene 23. However the animation went a lot quicker then the previous part, probably because I knew more of what I was doing. I think the timing on some parts still need to be improved though.

The hardest part of this one was first scene for this part, 11. The rope swing was hard to get it to look right and I still think it is off a bit. I looked at the movie for reference, but of course Luke legs are bent up and Leia is horizontal holding on to him. Just a little bit hard to duplicate in Icon format.

I think I’m going to do the sound in sound both so I have some more control. This should allow me to add more little sfx without having a bunch of layers in AE. I’ve only used it once before since it use to freeze up for some reason, so it should be good to learn it again.

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