Starwars Iconoscope Animation Part 1

This is the official part one of the Iconosope animation. I did 10 scenes so pretty much 1/3.  I fix some timing in the first two I had done and notice some other areas I need to improve. Although there not to much “actual” animation there is a lot of timing that is involved in it.

I’m trying to have the icons come up in the same patter as a normal speech. So some parts I sped up and other are slow. I also added some cheesy light saber effect for the transitions to the next set of scenes.

I’m thinking for the music I should either mix the whole sound track into one big mix. Maybe 15 or 30 seconds a song or just pick my fav and mix those few. I need to add some more sfx as well.


  1. 2011/02/19 at 9:07

    Amazing stuff! Love your work. And really an honour to see my illustration come to life like this! Well done! There will be other Iconoscopes coming soon… (you’re the first to hear that)

    • g2b
      2011/02/20 at 8:09

      Thanks, it an honor that you let me animate your cool work. I will look forward to seeing some other Iconoscopes


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