QR Code Dunny(Preview)

So this is the animation I’m making for the QR Code Dunny I worked on a while ago. The render will take to long so it’s just a preview for now. My original design had them bunch together and at diffrent angles, but that looked odd to me with every thing floating, moving and intersecting so I went with the floating ring look.  Pretty standard I suppose but it’s ok.

I was able to achieve the spring effect using the spring connector in cinema 4D v12. It took me a bit to figure it out simply because I was trying to create the effect using one spring which would tip the box over with anything added on top. I tried aiming multiplier springs at the corners which helped but not much them. Then I realized I could just use invisible walls on all four side, higher in the back to keep the dunny from falling back sometimes. After that is was just tweaking every thing. Might do some more before the final render.

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