Pez Model(M Head)

I was sketching (or attempting ) some logo designs based around the letter m when I started doodling this character head that came out of a M. I also think I was subconsciously influenced by megaman and some of other cartoon.

So I decided to scan it into my comp and out line it in illustrator and translate in into 3d. A simple task one might think but no so since the m shape is quite hard to get it to place right on a circular surface and conform right. I tried a number of things including projection and deformer but it looked off. So I when with a loft and make the second copy of the spline smaller. The I adjust the points on the front one to bend in. It still had some issue if you bent it to far but I was able to get it to a decent place.

The body Pez part just came about since I need something to put the head on. It’s mainly made of a bunch booles like the head with some extrusions. I was even able to find the pez font to add-on the side. Booles work well but some complex items like sphere give you weird edges like around the eyes, which I need to fix. I was lucky enough to actually have a pez dispenser which helped a lot even modeling this simple object.

The lightning I was going for is similar to the product displays on the pez website.

Overall I think I got somewhat close, the bottom body is off and doesn’t pick up the specular quite right. Also I think the M head covering isn’t picking up light right or is just to white to pick much up. I used soft boxes from renderkit.  Also looking at it now I think I should have added some ambient occlusion. It look to strong when I tried it and my original reference was a lot more washed out.

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