NYC Color Shift + Inspiration

Well today I was a little busy, have some deadlines coming up but there is no excuse for not being creative and there is always time for some creativity.(Its also a render night)

So today I will share 2 sets of pictures I took with my android phone when I went into NYC on the path. Nothing to spectacular just some images of the train station at Christopher street. I have been playing around with color shift, feature on camera360 app that allows you to easily take any color out or leave in of the picture. This of course can be easily done in Photoshop or a similar program but I think the appeal is being able to do it on the fly. This could would be helpful if you needed to spec something out real quick. I don’t think these applications, at least no on a phone, will replace taking a bit of time and adjusting some curves and levels. But it is fun to play around with.
Now for someone with real photography skills I would like show two cool images from Jordan Matter’s photo series Dancers Among Us.I found out about this on Designers Couch in their Inspire Log.

This photo series taken in NYC that started in 2009 is a whole bunch of images taken in various place in the city with professional dancers. The images are all great, and truly inspiring  that shows the dedication they have to their craft. The photographer as well has great dedication to taken these photographs in paces where he was not exactly welcomed.
What I really like is that he all so tells about his process and his inspiration about how the project came together on his website in the Dancers among us section. His process was pretty much just show up to a cool place with a dancer and find something iconic to NYC to take a photographer in front of. Through the behind the scenes video you get a peek of what is was like to be there with all the people. His artist statement explains in more detail about the project and how it was made for his children. I think the first line sums up the project perfectly which is

“BE passionate joyful euphoric intense desperate present ALIVE”

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