NYC Color Correction

Today I went into NYC for aeny and in addition to learning some cool techniques and other industry news I won a color correction book  by alexisvanhurkman.

This is actually pretty good timing since I’m working on color correcting some footage of video for my father’s client they have recorded. I browse through it on the train ride home and wanted try out some of the things he talked about in the book about changing the mood through color.

So I look to through my stock(bad/dirty word(semi-inside AENY/Industry taboo) footage and found the NYC time-lapse footage I have from pond5.

The original image you can see below is more red overall I shifted the color to more blue tones attempting to give it a more cool feeling. Looking at it now I think I should focus or maybe mask out the middle road and adjust that area separately to tone it down as well.

I used Color Finesse plugin in AE to do the coloring although I could have done it just in AE using curves. But then I wouldn’t get all of the scopes and I wouldn’t feel like a real (fake in my case) colorist.

I added the text in just because I wanted to have some animation in it. It’s kind of hard to read due to the angle. I wanted to bring it out more but if you push it to far then it looks even more obvious that it shouldn’t be there.

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