Today I was working on a design and I needed the color of a manila folder. So google lead me to http://www.colourlovers.com where I found the manila color . Some how I ended up on a pattern page page of the image below.

Originally I though thats cool, I should animate it. Its a bunch of sliders and knobs it would look cool. Then I found out you could easily make patterns your self.

Then I remembered a cool font I wanted to 3Dify* that Brad Chmielewski listed for type tuesday called Stereofidelic.  So I put the two together and came up with the image above.

My subject was Jitters, a really good pizza, sandwich, stuff to eat place in Rochester, NY where I went to college. So using their website/logo colors I created my image in Photoshop and Cinema 4D for the type. Originally I was going to use sketch and toon and export to Illustrator, but I couldn’t get the right look.

I tried to create the type room pattern wall thing while trying to make the text look like it was shaded that way

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