Grow Circle Attempt and G2B Text

I have two items for today. First it just some simple 3d text. I found or re-found this cool font called killogram. I just wanted to see how it would translate into 3d. Not so well…I need to do adjusting of adjusting kerning and the paths of the font. I did most of it in illustrator and some more in cinema. Still a cool font and I tweaked the G a bit. Might some how use it for a name plate animation or some thing.

The second this is my attempt at trying to figure out this one effect in Sean McClintock‘s Friday Afternoon in the Universe. I really like this animation overall, the tempo, the music, dialogue, and animation seem to feet well together. I also like the retro-esque feel to it.

The effect I was trying to recreate starts around 17 seconds in and end at 22. I’ve added a few images below. So it’s not exactly a new Motion Graphics thing, but it is a nice effect. I have not clue what software they used but since I use Cinema that what I use tried to use to create the effect.  I also wouldn’t doubt theres a tutorial for this some where but it’s alway good to try to figure it out first. As you can seem from my result above I didn’t quite get the effect.

I sort of got a sphere to form around another in a circle although it doesn’t look as nice at the one in the video. I used a surface effector to wrap a plane around a sphere and scaled it to grow it around. Which work for the most part. Then I used a wind(right circle) and a formula(left circle) effector to try and create the waving grow. Doesn’t look right at all.

It doesn’t come together, just overlaps and then I tone it down with the keys. Not quite sure where to go from this. I tried a bunch of other options wrap but it didn’t really look like it grey from a point just unwrapped from the middle.  I’ll have to give it another shot before I go to the forums or something.

The thickness is also missing but that could be fixed by using a flat rectangle box with a color edge. It slowed down the view port a lot so I used the plane for testing purposes.

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