Golfers Are Cool

Revisiting a logo animation for a logo I found on I started this a while ago and posted I believe one render and animation preview of it. This is my finished version that I have completed.

I re did the lightning using some of the techniques talked about by the gorilla in a Chicago mograph meet up.

Presentation – Lighting In Cinema 4D

A lot of the stuff he talked about is already in my work flow from his other talks or what I learned in school/ have figure out. One thing I don’t do all the time is factor in scale, I usually just go for what looks right. Sometimes I scale up, other time not. I choose to this time and I think the results look fairly good.

Animation wise I think it’s ok. I took me a bit to get the rolling of the ball to look decent. Which in the viewer always looks off. I think the hit with the cool and golfer could use some work but it’s ok for now. I forgot trophy 2000 so I did a quick hack and added it on at the end

Apparently I forgot to render to save file and cinema doesn’t like to output an alpha channel when you save from render viewer, so no cool background.

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