Dynamic Gauntlet Attempt

This was my attempt at making a Dynamic football gauntlet in the time it took my favorites in grooveshark to finish( a little under 2 hours it seems). The goal was to make a football gauntlet that would bend and deform like a real one would when a person would run through it. The task turned out to be quite difficult for me. This idea behind it seemed straight forward and if I my goal wasn’t to make it dynamic it could be done with spline deformers and constraint tag with clamp on spline or point mode. Then the task would be just to animate the curve property.

Dynamically this prove to be an issue. I thought of jiggle deformer but that didn’t bend it correctly it seemed. I also tried dynamic ik, new in v12 of cinema but that also prove to be off a bit. I’m sure more tweaking could of had it work but I wanted to add an item to end of it and I didn’t see how to do that. I suppose one mesh might work but it would look odd I think since the only part that needs to deform it spring area.

So I decided to just go for the half cop out and just use hinge connector which seemed to work, although there is no bend in the spring part, but my idea to hind that would be to but a sphere to hide the moving connection or another item. I used to hinge connectors, one for the base to the spring and from the spring to the pad to give it  little bit more motion.

This of course had other issues with it not reacting like a real spring. To combat this I tried to animate the angular limit and add bounce, which worked to a point depending on what was cause the collision and how much force was applied.  It might go all crazy and wonky which was no good.

I also found that I would not be able to cloner or use symmetry  the pad and hinges which mean I would have to make all eight pads/springs and hinges which would be a lot (((2×2)x4)x2=32) parts. I’ve seen and used connectors on cloner before so I’m not sure why it’s not working this time…

So in the end I didn’t find a viable dynamic solution . I added my file to this post in case anyone might want to try and find  a way to do it. If any one does please let me know.

gaunelet_0002 (c4d v12)

*seems c4d files don’t pass wordpress security standards so it’s zipped file*

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