Despicable Me Minion Tuts+ App

I was looking on twitter and I saw a post from some one about the aetuts+ contest which some how escapsed my normal look through of my feeds. So this prompted me to think if I should make something real quick just to do something.

I decided to pick a psd tut to do for it. I picked the Despicable Me tut by Mirko Santangelo. My quick idea was to do something using this character to show of the tuts+ network based on the site that I use the most. I’m thinking of using the puppet but I may break it apart some how after I customize my minion.

So I made my despicable character base of the tut, which is nice but the tut was excellent so of course the result would be pretty good automatically. But I wanted to submit more than just a tut result so I finished setting up the app inventor for android which I started a few days ago.

I wound up design a mini interface for my fav tuts+ site with the minion characters. It’s pretty simple overall, I just took the logos from each side and made and put them on a background from the tuts+ sites.

The app doesn’t do too much, pretty my much the same as the hellopurr tut they have but mine will link to a tutsplus+ hub when you click the image and if you shake your phone you hear the minions laughing.

If anyone want to check it out I’ve included a zip file with the source and my apk file.



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