Avtocompany Logo 2D-3D WIP 2

This is my second attempt at animating the logo design above. This time I tried to use the tracer object as an alternative to spline warp. This allowed me to keep the front of the truck proportions correct minus the FFD effector I applied. The issue with this is the alignment of the tracer spline object in relation to the back of the truck.

I create a spline from the  back edge using the nifty edge to spline button under the structure menu under edit spline. This made a perfect copy of the back edge for the tracer but if you move the beizer curves on the last point of the spline it looks bad.

I havent figure out a way to fix this yet. I thought of constraint tag but it didn’t do anything. I’ll have to look for another way to align the back or another way of spline warp/follow.


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