Tribute Animation Keith Haring Room V2

So this is my 3D room I’m working on for the RIT Unity House Tribute Animation. My Idea is to have the camera go throght to room and focus on the items in it to give it some sense of hierarchy.  I’m thinking of giving the items some animation life but not sure how I want to do it yet. I’m also thinking of adding some other items to give it a more 80’s feel but I don’t want them to seem to out of place.  This is what I plan to to show my friend who is the vp of the house an setting it up and see if they like the direction.

Originally it was a more flat design but they suggested using Keith haring design. Which while cool is way to busy for a flat design, the way I wanted to use it so I went with a room loosely based of his room/museum he painted. I feel like this may be a cop out since is a style used a lot, although I can’t think of a direct reference… but I know it is. Lets hope my friend likes it.

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