GSG 5SP Reverse

This is my submission to greyscalegorillas 5 Second Project —- >​blog/​2011/​01/​five-second-project-reverse/​ . I did some color correction on the renders as well as some overall lighning additions. The colors still seem off to me depending on how I look at, especially when it flips so the orange tentacles are on the orange backdrop. It also might just be me second monitor which I have realized again is off when it comes to some colors…

I made this by using the sound effector in C4D v12, which seems to add sound differently than 11.5, which was making sure some item not null had a key frame to add a sound track.  My goal for this was to use sound effector and I learned about using espcially about adding other effector to it as well and how they work with each other.

On a side note I think that youtube did a better job at converting the video then vimeo so I posted the you tube one instead. I didn’t do it at HD res, just Standard Definition widescreen so well just assume thats the reason why..

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